Thomas Pogge

Response to the Allegations by Fernanda Lopez Aguilar

Written response to Lopez Aguilar’s allegations


Melissa Williams to Thomas Pogge 


Response to Melissa Williams

Response to the NYT

Thomas Pogge
Thomas Winfried Menko Pogge is a German philosopher and is the Director of the Global Justice Program and Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University. In addition to his Yale appointment, he is the Research Director of the Centre for the Study of the Mind in Nature at the University of Oslo, a Professor of Philosophy and Global Justice at the Law School of King’s College London and Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Central Lancashire’s Centre for Professional Ethics. Pogge is also an editor for social and political philosophy for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.
Pogge received his Ph.D. from Harvard University with a dissertation supervised by John Rawls. Since then he has published widely on Kant and in moral and political philosophy, including various books on John Rawls and global justice.





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